Friday, April 2, 2010

It Takes a Village

By Belle Touchton – The Missionary Dog
Mommy - Cheryle M. Touchton - The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

Whatever town or village you enter, search for some worthy person there and stay at his house until you leave. Matt 10:11

Mommy may say yes to God about taking these trips but it takes a worthy village for Mommy to go. Our village works hard. My friend Barbara works for weeks on mailings and handouts. Gail looks for places for us to go and speak. Our Board of Directors helps us decide what to do. People send us money. Daddy works really hard on Halleluiah, Mommy’s computer, and the website. Mommy’s church commissions her. A prayer team prays. Mommy’s best friend Nancy takes all of Mommy’s frantic calls and helps her figure out what to do next. Mommy’s friend and mentor Judy keeps her focused on the next right thing God wants her to do. By the time we leave, the entire village is exhausted.

I like it when Daddy goes on the first few days. No matter how hard Mommy and I try, we need Daddy. First, Halleluiah doesn’t much like sitting still so he always starts out grumpy. He also doesn’t like Pennsylvania so making him go back to work after he thaws out from winter is tricky. He started out grumbling, groaning, and leaking. We needed Daddy to make him stop whining and do his job.

Second, we need Daddy for the technology. Mommy and I spend hours every day writing our stories and putting out pictures. This year we added blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. I think Mommy is getting carried away but she didn’t ask me. It didn’t help that the company that hosts our website moved it to a different server just before we left. Poor Mommy. Nothing worked right on the first couple of days and she doesn’t like it when people go to our website and can’t find what they need. She needed Daddy and someone at the computer company named Chris. After phone calls and e-mails, Daddy and Chris got our website working but we couldn’t have done it without Daddy. Whew. Maybe we should elect Daddy the Mayor of our village.

In case Mommy forgot to say thank you, I’ll say it. Thank you, God for asking us to go into the world and tell people about you. Thank you, Daddy for being so smart and helping so much. Thank you, Gail and Barbara for loving, praying for, and working for God with Mommy and me. Thank you to everyone who sent money to help us tell people about Jesus. Thank you, Calvary Baptist for commissioning Mommy, donating money, and praying for us. Thank you to our Board of Directors for donating, giving guidance, and praying for us. Thank you, Nancy and Judy for keeping Mommy sane. Thank you to the rest of the family for being a good sport about Mommy’s crazy ideas. Thank you, the reader, for reading this, praying for us, and letting us minister to you. Thank you to the people on the street for talking to us and petting me. Thank you Mommy for taking me with you. I love our village.

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