Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Devil Spit In My Mommy's Eye

By Belle Touchton – The Missionary Dog
Mommy - Cheryle M. Touchton - The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. 1 Peter 5:8 NIV

Miss Barbara said the devil spit in Mommy’s eye. I didn’t actually see the devil do it but it made sense to me. It was the only explanation that that made any sense. Miss Barbara and Miss Gail work with us in the ministry. I love them both. Miss Gail said the devil was trying to stop Mommy from working and that Mommy should stomp her foot at him. If the devil spit in Mommy’s eye, I think closing her eye would be a better idea than stomping her foot.

The entire day felt like a slow motion dream. I thought we were going to hit the road early. Instead, Mommy got on a conference call. Boy, can Mommy, Miss Gail, and Miss Barbara talk. They prayed, read the Bible, planned, talked and talked some more. I thought Mommy would never finish.

Finally, we loaded the camper. Silly me. I thought we were leaving. Instead, we sat in the parking lot for over an hour while Mommy put together a bank deposit. Dollar bills were flying everywhere. Then, we went ½ mile and stopped for gas. Next, we tried to go to the bank but TomTom let us down and sent us to a warehouse. Mommy called Daddy and Daddy found us a bank. I couldn’t believe it when Mommy pulled into the grocery store parking lot. Didn’t she understand that our day was tick tocking away?

When Mommy came out of the grocery store, I ran to the back, barking to greet her. I saw something was wrong. Tears poured down her face and she held her right eye. She climbed in Halleluiah and took out her contact lens. She tried her glasses but couldn’t see to drive. She gave up. She was hurting so bad that she curled up in the bed and laid there moaning for over an hour. I tried to comfort her but I don’t think I helped.

Mommy realized she was in trouble. She left the camper and asked around about eye doctors. There was one across the street. We thought about walking but looked at the busy highway and changed our mind. Poor Mommy – she needed help driving so I sat in the front seat, barking at the cars. Someone needed to warn them.

I waited in Halleluiah for 2 hours while Mommy was at the doctor. She checked on me twice and was still in agony. The doctor said Mommy had a chemical burn. He asked what she got in her eye and Mommy had no idea. I guess she didn’t know about the devil spitting in her eye yet.

Poor Daddy - he doesn’t like it when Mommy is in pain so far away. He texted Mommy, “What can I do besides pray?” When she is in trouble, Daddy needs a job. Mommy knows that and always finds him something to do. This time, she asked him to find us a dog friendly hotel close to the doctor. He was happy to have something to do.

That night, Mommy curled up on the hotel bed and held her eye. Gradually the medicine helped and the pain got better. After about 2 hours, she got up, wrote a story, and put it on her blog.

She and I went to bed and slept until birds started chirping at about 12:30 AM. Mommy has got to change the ring on her cell phone. Mommy’s brother and uncle were both sick so the call scared me. Mommy just answered it. It was from someone who had read Mommy’s story and needed to talk. This was an old friend that mommy hadn’t talked to in a long long time. Mommy didn’t know this woman was even reading her blog. The woman must have apologized for how late it was because I heard Mommy say, “You’re important enough to wake me up.” I could tell this was going to be a long call so I went back to sleep.

I have 3 things to say about the devil spitting in Mommy’s eye.

Number 1 – I didn’t know the devil spit but I shouldn’t be surprised. He is mean.

Number 2 – His spit sure must be nasty because Mommy’s eye lid is blistered and her eyes are red. She feels better today but has to use her glasses and not her contacts. Her right eye is blurry and has a little double vision.

Number 3 – The spitting didn’t work. Mommy was too sick to go out into the world and help people so God had someone call Mommy in her hotel room. The devil can’t beat God, even if he spits.

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  1. Belle - Please tell your Mommy that we are praying for her eye to get all the way better soon! Also, tell her thanks for always seeing God's ways in the midst of things...even in attacks from the enemy. This encouraged me to keep going despite the assaults sent my way. Blessings to you both and for Gail and Barbara. Lisa