Monday, May 24, 2010

Two In the Bush

By Belle Touchton – The Missionary Dog
Mommy - Cheryle M. Touchton - The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man gives thought to his steps. Prov 14:15 NIV

Mommy lost Tom Tom in the bushes. She tried to lose me in the same place. I think my Mommy needs to give more thought to her steps. It was all because of a hotel. Would someone please explain to me why Mommy sometimes stays in hotels when we have wonderful Halleluiah. We always have the most trouble at hotels.

It’s really Daddy’s fault. He had a conference in Jacksonville and his company paid for his hotel. Mommy and I decided to meet him there and do our missionary work while Daddy went to the conference. Mommy reminded Daddy that his company could also pay for a campground but Daddy said he didn’t want to put on a suit in a campground. Mommy does it so why can’t Daddy?

It was dark when we got to the hotel. Daddy wasn’t supposed to arrive for 2 more hours. Mommy started unloading. Since we don’t have room for suitcases, when we stay in hotels, we make a lot of trips in and out. When it’s dark, Mommy takes me with her back and forth.

Mommy parked at the edge of the parking lot right next to a tiny curb and lots and lots of bushes. When I jumped out, I landed in the bushes. Mommy carefully stepped onto the tiny curb and rescued me.

Mommy looked for a luggage cart but the hotel couldn’t find one. We started making trips. Mommy carefully balanced books, clothes, groceries, and other stuff as we gingerly stepped on and off the curb to walk behind Halleluiah to the parking lot. Ever since someone stole our GPS, Mommy carries Tom Tom inside at hotels. Mommy got Tom Tom, her novel, the last bag of groceries, her phone, bottle of water, and me. I got out first and stumbled again into the bushes. Mommy stumbled with me but caught herself just before she fell. She rescued me for the second time and we walked to the hotel.

Suddenly Mommy said, “Where is Tom Tom?”

I looked and sure enough, Tom Tom was gone. Mommy began retracing our steps. When we got back to Halleluiah, she looked in those dark bushes. No Tom Tom. She got the flashlight and just as she looked in the bushes again, the sprinkler turned on.

“Oh no,” she said. “Tom Tom’s going to be ruined.” She began frantically reaching inside the bushes with her hands. Doesn’t my mommy know Florida has spiders and that spiders love bushes?

After about 20 minutes of reaching and searching, a wet mommy pulled out a wet Tom Tom. She dried both of them off and thank goodness Tom Tom still worked.

Trusting God is good but I think Mommy needs a better process for going in and out of hotels. Better yet, maybe we could just stop going to hotels.

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