Friday, October 23, 2009

The Missionary Dog

My name is Belle. I am the Missionary Dog. That is me sitting in my prayer chair. Mommy calls it her prayer chair but every morning I race her to it. I travel the country with my Mommy. We lead people to Christ. She hands out quarters but I like her pocket full of treats much better than her pocket full of quarters. My job is to look cute, do tricks, and entertain people. I also take care of my mommy - which is my biggest job. Her job is to tell people about Jesus. We spend several months a year living in our camper, Halleluiah.

Traveling is Halleluiah is a lot of work. Halleluiah breaks down, throws things at me, and occasionally locks us in. I like being with my Mommy but I miss my Daddy and my cat Rascal. I'll tell you a little about my life and I want to hear about yours. Maybe you can explain to me why people have so much trouble loving God. Don't they know how much better life would go if they would stop worrying about all that stuff they talk about and just love God with all their hearth, soul, mind, and strength.