Monday, April 8, 2013

My Mommy Is a Duck

By Belle Touchton – The Missionary Dog
Mommy - Cheryle M. Touchton
The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

"Lord, if it's you," Peter replied, "Tell me to come to you on the water." "Come," he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus. Matt 14:28-30 NIV

Daddy is an eagle and Mommy is a duck. Daddy loves eagles. They're all over his desk and hanging on his walls. He used to write a column called “The Eagles Nest.” He talks about soaring and soars through his life. He never gets lost. He doesn't lose anything and he can open a cereal box just the right way. Things are easy for Daddy.

Mommy wishes she were an eagle. Mommy doesn't always like it when Daddy tries to help her. He won’t let her open cereal boxes because if she does, they won't close back. He goes along behind her closing things and if she gives directions, he takes the map and checks it for himself.

Things were extra bad in Washington. Mommy was tired and woried because I was sick. She was working long hours and I was too sick to help her. In fact, she spent a lot of extra time cleaning up after me. When Mommy gets tired, she forgets things like closing cabinets, drawers, or zipping her purse. What that means is that when she drives, our van, Halleluiah, throws things at me. It also means that things fall out of her purse. That drives Daddy crazy.

Cheryle,” he said. “Zip your purse.”

Who do you think tells me to zip my purse when you aren’t here?”

“I don’t know, but zip your purse.”

A few minutes later, Daddy said, “Did you close that cabinet?”

“Bob,” Mommy said as she closed the cabinet. “Leave me alone.”

“But I’m just trying to help,” he said. “Remember that service is my spiritual gift. What am I supposed to do when I notice things?” Poor Daddy. I think she hurt his feelings.

“When you remind me about everything, I feel bad,” Mommy said.

Poor Mommy. Everything Daddy said was right. Her purse was open and so was the cabinet.

I think Mommy and Daddy are both smart. They both can empty the holding tanks on Halleluiah but I have to admit that when Daddy does it, it looks easier. It makes me tired to watch Mommy do it but she gets it done. Mommy gets lost but always finds her way back. She says she doesn’t have a sense of direction but it seems like it is backwards. Daddy goes somewhere once and never forgets how to get back. Maybe Mommy wishes she were more like Daddy.

I think Mommy is fine the way she is. I just think she is a duck married to an eagle. She waddles through life, having fun, looking calm, but always paddling under the water. Ducks can fly too but it looks harder. When Mommy quacks, people quack back and some even follow her. Personally, I like ducks a lot. I love Mommy. I don’t even get mad when she leaves cabinets open and things fall on me. If she would just accept the fact that she is a duck, I don’t think she’d mind letting the eagle help.

It doesn't matter if they waddle or soar, when Mommy and Daddy keep their eyes on Jesus, they both walk on water. When God gives them a job, He makes them able to get it done. Mommy and Daddy work hard to say yes to God and they help each other say yes to Him. They also love each other and both love me. Mommy is the wind beneath Daddy’s wings and Daddy is the mud beneath Mommy’s webbed feet.


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