Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dog People Need Dogs and People Dogs Need People

By Belle Touchton
The Missionary Dog

Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; Isa 43:1 NIV

Some people are dog people. They like and need us. You know who you are and so do I. Most people like me. I’m clean, smell good, and let’s face it, I’m cute. To a dog person, I’m completely irresistible.

I’m a people dog. I love attention. I want to sit in your lap. I love it when you hug me cheek to cheek. Barry Edwards is a dog person. I’m a people dog. You’d think that we’d get along great but every time I see him for the first time, I dart behind Mommy’s legs. Does anyone want to know why?

I have a problem. Maybe if I admit it, it will get better. I am afraid of things – silly things. Since I’m an adventurous traveler, a writer, and a TV star, I know this surprises you but it’s true. I don’t like umbrellas. Tall people scare me to death. I love children and most women but it takes a while to relax around men older than age 40. I love Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds but Chihuahuas scare me to death. I love homeless men and women but a tall man wearing a suit sends me scurrying behind Mommy’s legs. I told you it was silly.

Barry is married to my Mommy’s best friend, Nancy, so sometimes, we spend time together. I should love Barry but Barry is tall and always wears suits. Poor Barry. When he sees me, he begs me to get into his lap. He feeds me people treats, even though Mommy and Nancy scold him. It makes no sense. Nancy isn’t even a dog person and I love her.

On our last visit to Atlanta, I didn’t get over my Barry fear until I faced it. Mommy and Nancy left me at Nancy’s house alone all day. I was so lonely. When I heard someone in the garage, I started barking with joy. When Barry came through the door, my heart went to pounding and my barks changed.

“Hi Belle,” Barry said as he leaned over to pet me. I jumped back. He sat on the couch and called by name. “Belle, here Belle.” He patted the couch.

I didn’t to know what to do. I knew what he wanted. I’d been alone all day and needed a hug. Barry seemed nice and he wasn’t so tall when he sat down. Maybe it would be OK. Finally, I got up my nerve and jumped on the couch. It was wonderful. He put his arms around me and I turned over on my back so he could rub my tummy. Barry cuddles even better than Mommy. Why had I been afraid? What was wrong with me? I’ll tell you what – the devil uses fear to keep me from wonderful Barry hugs.

Mommy says fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. God says not to be afraid. God calls us by name just like Barry called me by name. I think fear causes me to miss the fun God has planned for me. Maybe if I trust God and Mommy more, I’d meet more dog people like Barry. Dog people need dogs and people dogs need people. None of us need fear.

I’ve decided to let go of fear. I’m trying really hard to trust God and Mommy. You may be wondering why do I do so well as a Missionary Dog with so many fears. That’s an easy question. I’m well trained and love treats. I obey Mommy and God so I do my job anyway. I just think I’d enjoy it a lot more if I let go of my silly fears. Would you pray for me?
Belle’s mommy is Cheryle M. Touchton. Cheryle is the Director of Pocket Full of Change Ministries and known as the Pocket Full of Quarters Lady. She and the Missionary Dog Belle travel the country as missionaries. For more information or to schedule a speaker for an event, go to

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