Monday, May 21, 2012

I Get It - They Are Red Rocks

By Belle the Missionary Dog
Mommy - Cheryle M. Touchton - The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

Some fell on rock, and when it came up, the plants withered because they had no moisture. Luke 8:6 NIV

I get it – they are red rocks. People like to look at them. I understand that they are pretty. I just don’t think they are very useful. Where is the grass? In fact, where is the dirt? My Mommy and I have been in Sedona, Arizona for a week. After we look at all of those rocks, what are we supposed to do with them?

First, where am I supposed potty? For my entire life, Mommy has taught me to potty on something soft – grass, dirt, and even snow. Now, I’m supposed to use rocks? I registered a similar complaint when we stayed in downtown Philadelphia and I was supposed to use concrete. I want to go on record stating the rocks are even worse than concrete.

Rocks are sharp. They hurt my feet. Mommy wears shoes so maybe she doesn’t know how they hurt my feet.

Rocks are uneven. How am I supposed to walk on them? Mommy wears shoes and even she has trouble walking on them. There are many places to hike in America. Why are we hiking here?

Rocks are hot. In fact, Arizona is hot. I used to live here and I remember how hot Arizona is. It is 100 degrees here. Doesn’t Mommy realize how hot those rocks are? Again – she is wearing shoes.

Finally, how does anyone grow food here? There is no dirt. I take that back. There is a tiny patch of dirt here – poured over the rocks. Mommy won’t let me use that to potty because that tiny patch of imported dirt is the poor hotel owner’s attempt to grow something. It does not look like it is working to me.

I don’t think rocks are useful, even if they are red, but I guess I should stop whining about them. People in Sedona need to hear about Jesus even if they don’t want to. I’ve noticed that many people here are not as interested in Jesus as people are in other places. Maybe their hearts are like the rocks here. Knowing Jesus will make their hearts soft so I guess telling people about Jesus is useful, even in the middle of hot, sharp, uneven, hard red rocks.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dogs Are Too Smart to Say No to Jesus

By Belle the Missionary Dog
The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. KJV Rom 6:23

“I’m sure my dog is going to hell,” a man told my Mommy. She’d just told him about me, my writing, and how I help her in ministry. Then, Mommy asked if this man knew where he was going in the next life.

“I’m not sure,” he said, with a glint in his eye. “But I’m sure my dog is going to hell.”

“Maybe Belle needs to tell your dog about Jesus,” Mommy joked.

The man launched into a rant about everything his dog does wrong. That poor man! His dog wakes them up in the middle of the night to go outside. He chews things up, barks too much, and runs out the door when it is opened. Even I wouldn’t want to live with that dog.

That dog obviously hasn’t been taught to mind his mommy and daddy. I’ll be happy to talk to his dog about Jesus if they want me to but it isn’t bad things that send people to hell. Everyone does bad things. God wants to give everyone eternal life with Jesus. Saying no to Jesus sends people to hell.

I’ve met a lot of dogs who didn’t mind their mommy and daddy, but the dogs I’ve met are smart enough to know a good thing when they see it. Jesus is good! In fact, He is the best! Humans sometimes say no to Jesus but I think dogs are way too smart to do that.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mommy Broke Hallelujan

By Belle the Missionary Dog
The Pocket Full of Quarters Lady

Broken Door Panal

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.
KJV Rom 8:28

Mommy hit a curb. Daddy said it was an optical illusion. I don’t know what that is, but I was in the front seat with Mommy when she hit the curb. I think what she drove over used to be a driveway. There were big trucks parked right behind that Taco Bell we tried to turn around in. I think Taco Bell got tired of trucks pulling into their parking lot so they built their side up to be a curb.
It was a big curb and when we hit bottom it went BANG.  Then, as Mommy kept rolling over it, it screeched. At first, Mommy was calmer than me. The noise hurt my ears so I started barking.

“Shhh. It’s OK, Belle. We’re OK,” she soothed. “Calm down.” Mommy pulled over and opened the door.

I heard another crunch. A big piece of metal was sticking up from the running board and blocked the door. Mommy tried to bend it back but it didn’t work.

Then, she did something silly. She got out and left me inside. I didn’t like that so I started barking again. Mommy needed me but she ignored me. Sometimes, my mommy is hard to help.

It was bad. The hose we use for dumping nasty water was hanging behind Hallelujah like a tail. When Mommy put it back, she got yucky water all over her hands. The door panel and back bumper were hanging off. The running board was cracked. There were scratches under both sides. Mommy propped everything back on and drove slowly back to the campground we had just passed. She took a deep breath and called Daddy.

Poor Daddy. He gets upset just like me – only instead of barking, he asks Mommy questions faster then she can answer. I think Daddy calms himself down by trying to understand things. Mommy doesn’t always know the names of things on Hallelujah so she had trouble helping Daddy understand. Daddy was on an airplane and they made him turn his cell phone off before he could help us. I know my daddy so I know that was the longest plane ride of his life.

Mommy and Daddy talked later that night and sounded so sad. Mommy doesn’t like to make mistakes. When she makes mistakes, she gets discouraged. When she gets discouraged, she wants to give up and go home.

Daddy doesn’t like it when he can’t fix things for us. When we get in trouble far away, he gets scared.
Mommy and Daddy love God a lot and do their best to do what He says. I think sometimes they forget that God will use everything for good. Maybe they think they are supposed to be perfect and handle everything themselves. They may be smart but they are not as smart as God. He knows what He is doing. They are really good at fixing things but not as good as God. Mommy and Daddy only see what is right in front of them but God sees forever. Would someone tell my Mommy and Daddy that God knows what He is doing and will use all of this for good? Also, please join our prayer team and pray for Mommy and Daddy. I think they need it. Join our Prayer Team